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GE Green Acres B Twisted
born June 13, 2015 | Color: Red & White
Sire: Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette-ET (AY)
Dam: Green Acres Titan Temptation 2E92
2-0 417d. 21,651M 747F 3.5% 716P 3.3%
5-3 327d. 27,227M 928P 3.4% 872P 3.2%
Reserve Junior All American Five Year Old 2011
Junior All American Four Year Old 2010
HM Junior All American Junior Three Year Old 2009


  SWAG Mega Mr. Right ($20)
born Dec 12, 2013 | Color: Red & White
currently located at Wild Springs, Dryden, NY
Sire: Kuszmar Megadeth
Dam: Green Acres Titan Mascara EX-90
4-2 305d 22,850M 3.4% 771F 2.9% 661P
5-5 305d 32,440M 3.0% 976F 2.7% 890P
2012 and 2013 AMSS Top Production Award
Full brother to Green Acres Mega Maybelline VG-85-2yr

Daughter: Green Acres Mack Tilt

Reg: 68305631 | 120MS1913
Born May 10, 2010 | Color: Red & White
Sire: Oceanbrae Logics Plato (Logic x Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd)
Dam: Green Acres Biestar Magnolia 2E-EX91 (EX92-DQ, EX91-US)
#186 – December 2011 Genetic Expansion PPR List
3y 6m – 305d 17,774m 3.6% 645f 3.3% 583p
4y 7m – 305d 15,783m 3.6% 569f 3.2% 512p
MGD: Green Acres JS Marigold EX90 (Yellowbriar Jet Stream – Ayrshire)
5y 11m – 305d 16,482m 3.4% 565f 3.1% 514p

Maternal sisters:

Lilyhill Mimosa



Reg: 68310075 | 120MS2224
Born March 2, 2012 | Color: Red
Sire: Kuszmar Alfair’s Othello
Dam: Green Acres Target Spice-EXP 3E-EX94 (EX95-DQ, EX95-US)
3y 3m – 305d 16,309m 3.9% 629f 3.1% 504p
6-9 366d 16263M 656F 4.0% 496P 3.0%

MGD: Green Acres Misfit EX92 (EX95-DC, EX93-FL, EX90-US)
Sired by: Lemax Levi Extra (Holstein)
Lifetime – 3,379d 185,776m 3.9% 7,299f 3.0% 5,610p

Maternal Sister: Green Acres Academy Seasons EX90
Sire: Hilltop Academy EX92

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